2019 Series

General  Information

Series Classes

All of our regular season classes are included in the series. The list is available here.

General Rules

Qualification Schedule

Our regular races are all a part of the series. The FAIR RACES will not count as part of the championship. They will not count towards attendance or for points.

The best 7 races for each rider will be used to calculate their final score.

For each class that riders wish to compete in, they must attend at least 7 events and race IN THAT CLASS. For example: If a rider attends 7 events and races in the Unlimited A/B class 5 times and in the Schoolboy class 2 times, they will NOT qualify for either class. This will be triple checked through results, Trackside, and rider waivers completed at sign-ups.

Riders must stay registered in the class for their skill level for the entire series. For example, they may not switch back and forth between B and C classes.

If riders go to an LCQ/Consi in the event of heat races, but do not make the main, they will be given credit for attendance only.

DNS, DNF, & Completing Motos

DNS (Did Not Start): Not racing at all, or not crossing the finish line at least once to complete one full lap, results in a DNS. If you register but are a DNS for both motos, the event will not count- you will not receive any points and the race will not count towards your attendance.

DNF (Did Not Finish): If a rider is scored as a DNF (Did Not Finish) both motos, the race will still count for attendance but they will only be awarded 5 points. To be scored as a DNF instead of a DNS, riders must complete at least one full lap by crossing the finish line.

Riders must complete both motos in order to score full points. Completion of one moto with a DNS or DNF for the other will result in partial points being awarded.

Riders who have a combination of DNF and DNS between both motos receive attendance credit and 5 points.

The top riders in each class will be asked to move up to the next skill level next year.

DNF rules will be waived in the event of a partial rainout where only 1 moto is completed. Points will be issued for all riders based on overall finish. No deductions.


1st Place: 25 Points
2nd Place: 23 Points
3rd Place: 21 Points
4th Place: 19 Points
5th Place: 18 Points
6th Place: 17 Points
….and so on in 1 point increments

Completion of both motos: Full points

Completion of one moto with a DNF or DNS for the other moto: Attendance credit, partial points

DNS both motos: No attendance credit, no points

DNF both motos: Attendance credit, 5 points

DNF/DNS combination: Attendance credit, 5 points

Consi Races: Attendance credit if you do not make the main, no points


Trophies will be given at the banquet to the top 3 in each class.

 2019 Series Points Standings

Round 1: May 12
Round 2: May 25 (Weekend Race Day 1)
Round 3: May 26 (Weekend Race Day 2)
Round 4: June 1 – Rained out, makeup race Sept 8
Round 5: June 29
Round 6: July 27 (Weekend Race Day 1)
Round 7: July 28 (Weekend Race Day 2)
Round 8: August 24
Round 9: September 7 (Weekend Race, Day 1)
Round 4 Makeup: September 8 (Weekend Race, Day 2)
Round 10: September 21

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