Frequently Asked Questions

What is your schedule?
A complete schedule can be viewed on the schedule page or on our Facebook.

Where are you located?
The track is just outside of Point Pleasant, WV. Visit the “Directions” page for an exact address and detailed driving directions or click here.

What gear is required?
Helmet, boots, eye protection, long pants, and long sleeves. Bikes must have side number plates and quads must have front and back number plates.

How many races are there?
We run two motos each night. One moto means cycling through all of the races one time. The number of races in each moto is determined by the race order posted at the riders’ meeting. The race order changes for every event. We run one moto, typically take a short intermission for track maintenance, and then run the second moto. So if you sign up for one class, you get to race two times. For two classes, you will get to race four times.

How many laps are there?
Usually regular classes (aka trophy classes) are given 4 laps while the pro classes (aka money classes) are given 6 laps. This is subject to change at the discretion of the promoters. The number of laps may be shortened due to time considerations, inclement weather, or other factors.

What are your classes?
A complete class list can be found here.

Who gets the first gate choice?
Gate choice for first moto is determined by the order in which riders sign up. Earlier sign up, better gate pick. The results from the first moto will determine gate choice for the second moto.

What is the race order?
The race order will be posted at riders’ meeting. This changes every week based on a number of factors. Multiple classes may be on the track for one race, but they are still scored separately.

What if my class runs divisions/heats?
Sometimes, a class has too many riders registered to fit on the gate. In that case, we will run division/heat races. A selected number of riders from the top of each division will advance automatically to the main event. The main event takes place during second moto. Riders not finishing in the top can go on to the consi/LCQ race (ran at the end of moto 1) and will have one more chance to qualify for the main event.

What do the flags mean?
Yellow flag- Caution. Do NOT jump. No passing.
Red flag- Clear the track. Exit carefully at the next safest location.
White flag- One lap left in the race.
Checkered flag- End of the race.

How are the races scored?
Scores are averaged. What that means is that both of your moto finishes count towards your overall finish in the class. Each place for each race is assigned the corresponding number of points (1st place is one point, 2nd place is 2 points, etc.). DNS (Did Not Start) is 89 points. A DNF (Did Not Finish) is 88 points. This is how we determine your score and the final results. Lowest score wins. In the event of the tie, second moto breaks the tie and the rider who finished better wins.

What does a score of DNS (Did Not Start) mean?
A DNS score means the rider did not race at all or did not complete at least one full lap around the track by crossing the finish line at least once.

What does a score of DNF (Did Not Finish) mean?
A score of DNF means the rider completed at least one full lap around the track and crossed the finish line at least once, but they did not finish the rest of the race.

What are the awards?
Regular (trophy) classes: Our custom plaques are given out based on the number of riders in each class. One award per every 3 riders. All 50 PW and Mini Quad 50 Beginner riders will receive an award.

Pro classes: 150% payback. The numbers of spots we pay back to is based upon the number of riders in the class. We pay back one spot for every 3 riders.

We have great sponsors who often throw in extra cash and awards, so keep an eye out for special announcements.

How may points do I have for the series?
General information and points standings can be found on the series page or by clicking here.